Monday, July 19, 2021

Summer Needlework Tour - Day 2

The first shop we visited was Witchery Stitchery in Mount Horab, Wisconsin.  I had been to this shop before, but they moved right after I visited.  It is no longer on Main Street but still easy to find.  It is a bit smaller.  I remember the shop on Main Street have two distinct areas, one side for needlepoint and the other side for cross stitch.  The new whop is smaller and things are co mingled.  Still easy to find what you need.  Lots of great things!

When I entered the shop, there were other people shopping, and one of them immediately shouted:  "I know you, you are the lady that makes the wonderful jams!"  Since we were all wearing masks at the shop owners request, I didn't recognize her, but she recognized me!  We have stitched together a few times, both at Stitch Mania in Zion IL and at UFO Saturdays in Crystal Lake, IL.   Good to see Barb Stanke again!  What a small world!


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