Tuesday, August 31, 2010

10th Day of Texas Christmas

I recently finished the 1oth in this series of ornaments. This one stitched up very quickly.

Two more to go....they need to be finished by Christmas.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

September square added

I added the September square to the EGA project recently. Three more squares and I will be finished!

Friday, August 27, 2010

...in a Pear Tree....

I finished the second ornament in the 2010 series by Little House Needleworks.
I wasn't fond of the chart and stitched it only because it was part of the series, but once I was about half way finished, I found myself liking it. I am very pleased with how it turned out, and I actually like it! It looks much better all stitched in person, than the photo on the leaflet.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stitcher's Bellpull part 5 added

I recently added part 5 to the bellpull, now there are only 3 parts left to do.
I really enjoy the specialty stitches.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ye Old Cross Stitchery

Before returning home from Philadelphia, I had the chance to stop at Ye Old Cross Stitchery in Bristol, PA. When I drove down the main street in Bristol, before turning off on a side street to go to the shop, I noticed that many of the businesses in the town had "Ye Old" as part of their name. I wonder why?

The shop itself was small, but packed full of stash. It was very well organized, with signs about each rack telling you what category chart you would find there.

Every inch of the wall was filled with framed models. Lots of newly released charts were available. I truly wish I would have had more time to browse in the shop, but I had to get to the airport.
I found two charts that were on my shopping list, and two others that I couldn't live without.
It was a successful shopping trip!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Philadelphia, PA

The first weekend in August found me on my way to Philadelphia, for the annual Donauschwaben Labor Day weekend, even though it wasn't Labor Day weekend.

16 members of my children's group performed and did an outstanding job.

It just so happened that my brother and his family were passing through Philadelphia, so I was able to have dinner with them, as well as with my sister-in-law Amy's sister and her family. It was great to see them all.

Monday morning, I set out bright and early to do some sightseeing. I got to see Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. It is great to see such historical places!

I stopped off to visit Benjamin Franklin's grave, and dropped the obligatory penny on it.

The next stop was Betsy Ross' house. It was very tiny, but quite moving to walk in the house that was occupied by this famous needlewoman.

For lunch, I stopped at Campo's for a Philly Cheesesteak. One of the national park service employees at the Visitor's Center recommended it. It was yummy!

After lunch, I decided to head back to the hotel. It was hot and humid in Philly and I was beat. I took the bus to the train station and found the Hard Rock Cafe! Another bonus! I was able to get my Hard Rock pin!
I did also manage to find a cross stitch kit of Independence Hall as well as a Liberty Bell Christmas ornament. These three things will make great souvenirs of a fun weekend.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Needles Nest project, August square added

Recently, I was able to stitch the August square of the Year of Favor of Our Lord Quilt by Handblessings Designs.

I also have the September square to stitch, but I am not sure if I will do it now or wait.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Little Hearts - August update

I had a hard time with this Stitch-a-long this month. Sylvia released two charts, and I had to pick one to stitch. They were both so cute!
After and agonizing time, I stitched the beehive. The sunflower was really cute too, but alas, there was only room for one.....

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Visit to Crafty Ewe

While we were in Cleveland for Erika and AJ's wedding, we managed to find some time on Saturday morning to visit a local needlework shop.

Kristin, Karen and I went to the Crafty Ewe in Broadview Heights for a little stash enhancement.

It is a great shop! Filled with lots and lots of charts and fibres. The girls both found things they needed.

I have been to so many shops in the last few weeks, I didn't have a very long shopping list. The few charts on my list were very new and they either hadn't come in yet or were already sold out! I did manage to find a few things I needed.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stitcher's Bellpull part 4 added

I was on a roll, and finished part 4 of the Stitcher's Bellpull by Handblessings designs.
I received part 5 at our last EGA meeting, and have started it.
Eileen (Handblessings Designs) will be offering this chart for sale once we are all finished stitching it, we are the model stitchers (read: guinne pigs) on this one. Although we have seen the finished piece, she is making adjustments and changes as be go along. And, we are all doing it in different colors, so she will have photos of many different color scemes on the final chart.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

9th Day of Texas Christmas

I finished stitching the 9th Day of Texas Christmas ornament recently.
3 more to go!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stitcher's Bellpull part 3 added

I finished part 3 of this Handblessings design a little while ago. The specialty stitches are really fun to do.
I look forward to a new part each month.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Fa La La

I recently finished the stitching the first of this year's ornaments in Little House Needlework's All Dolled Up series.
I am going to wait with the ornamentifying until I have more of this series finished. I want to stitch this one again, too.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Beach Soccer

Did you know that the USA had a national beach soccer team? I didn't until a few years ago. My oldest son, Tony, is an athletic trainer, and has been assigned to travel with this team occaisionally.

This week, he is in Portimao, Portual, for an international beach soccer tournament. This is a picture of the stadium on the beach.

Here is a picture of the team. I hope they do well in the tournament.
This is the team doctor, on the left, and Tony on the right. He certainly looks like he is working hard!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Elegant Stitch

After our trip to Needle in a Haystack, Robin still had a bunch of stash money burning a whole in her pocket, so we pursuaded Karen to stop at Elegant Stitch before returning to her house in Folsum. After all, stash shopping is a bit more important than sightseeing in San Francisco, we had been there before!

Elegant Stitch, although in a strip mall, still had a "warehouse" feel to it. I had purchased from this ship on-line and been very satisfied, so I was happy to visit in person.

They had a great selection of fibres, but unfortunately not alot of Dinkey Dyes, which is what Robin was looking for.

They had lots of new charts, and a great table for stitching near the front of the shop.
I found some charts I had been looking for for awhile, and even found some scissors sheats that I was desperatly looking for for a few months, and those were free!
It was a great stash enhancement day!

Friday, August 06, 2010

A Visit to Needle in a Haystack

While in California, we drove up to Alameda, to shop at Needle in a Haystack. I was really looking forward to visiting this shop as it has a great reputation for being extremely well-stocked.

The shop had just moved into a new, smaller location. It was still huge! It is located in a warehouse area, rather than a retail area, but I suppose rent is cheaper that way.
The shop was actually still in the process of moving. The staff was still unpacking, while trying to take care of customers. The cash register wasn't working properly, the internet wasn't working, files couldn't be accessed to look up points on their loyalty program..... it was frustrating. When I asked about fabric, the kind I wanted was still at the old location. Every chart we wanted to look for had to be looked up on the computer as not everything was unpacked yet.
Although I understand not wanting to close the shop and lose some sales for a few days to make the move and unpack, I think it would have been a wise thing to do. The staff was just too frustrated to be effective. I look forward to visiting the shop again someday, and I am sure it will be great once it is all set up.

I did manage to find a Bleu de Chine heart chart that I had never seen before, a sailing heart. I also got some beads I needed. I would have bought more, but I couldn't find anything!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Kelsey's in Placerville, CA

On the back to California from Nevada, we had the oportunity to stop in Placerville, CA. It is a charming little community with a cute cross stitch shop.

The shop is now a co-op, with six owners, I believe and recently moved to a new location. It is a cute little shop, very cheerful and inviting. The high ceilings and large windows are huge asset for the shop. Robin was busy shopping while I snapped some pictures.

I loved the table in the front where classes are held, or you can come in and sit and stitch awhile. There is lots of natural light.
Although there were lots of charts in the shop, I didn't have a very long shopping list, and already had many of the charts they were selling. There were lots and lots of Sue Hillis charts.
I did purchase this Sweetheart Tree kit, the model for this piece was finished as a bell pull, and really caught my eye. I also found this great tape measure that I will need for the 2007 Sue Hillis Cruise project....okay, so I am a bit behind.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Threads of Life Retreat in Tahoe

13 of us met up Tahoe for the bi-anual Threads of Life Stitching Retreat. We were again lucky enough to have use of Suzie's family's huge house. The view of the lake from the deck was spectacular!

Besides stitching, we went to a quilt show at local quilt shop. They quilts on display were amazing! Someday I may learn to quilt!

We also ate, and played a game, and laughed and laughed and laughed! Two wild and crazy women even went parasailing!

After leaving Nevada, we all met at Suzie's house in Wilton California for a fun day in her tropal back yard pool. Some of us were even brave enough to go down the water slide.
Can't wait to meet up with these wild and wacky women again in 2012!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

July Progress and August Goals

July Progress
Bavarian Table Topper no
10 hours on Rocky Mountain Christmas no
10 hours on Logan’s stocking no
November cup ‘o Tea no
9th day of Texas Christmas ornament yes
July Handblessings project yes
afghan square #10 yes
Mystery sampler part 8 no
Work on Cloister garden no
Work on Crystal Iris no
July Little Hearts SAL yes
part 4 EMS Rose Sampler yes
kit up Logan's birth samper and perhaps put in a few stitches n0
EMS monthly flowers SAL no
start on one LHN monthly ornament yes, finished FaLaLa
start on one Bent Creek photobooth no
Stitcher's bell pull part 3 yes
Stitcher's Bellpull part 4 yes
Be Merry 5 yes
Be Merry 6 yes

August Goals
Bavarian Table Topper
10 hours on Rocky Mountain Christmas
10 hours on Logan’s stocking
November cup ‘o Tea
10th day of Texas Christmas ornament
August Handblessings project
afghan square #11
Mystery sampler part 8
Work on Cloister garden
Work on Crystal Iris
August Little Hearts SAL
part 5 EMS Rose Sampler
kit up Logan's birth samper and perhaps put in a few stitches
EMS monthly flowers SAL
Second LHN monthly ornament
Start on one Bent Creek photobooth
Stitcher's bell pull part 5