Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunflower Mail Art

Now that Julie has received the Mail Art that I sent to her recently, I can show all of you!

I just love it when everything matches! I first found the stamps, then the fabric for the lining, and those were my inspiration for the stitched envelope.

I am not too happy with the back, but I just couldn't find something else to stitch there that fit the theme.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thank you, Susan!

Awhile ago, Susan had a PIF on her blog, and I was one of the lucky winners.

I received this lovely pin keep in the mail yesterday. It is beautifully stitched and expertly finished.

Thank you so much, Susan! How did you know I am yearning to learn to quilt? (And I will as soon as the room I want to use is vacated of #1 son's stuff!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wild Things

This morning's blog entry is a photo of a recent finish. "Wild Things" is a birth sampler for the baby of a co-worker. The baby has just had his first birthday, so it was high time that the sampler was finished.

This piece was not a fun stitch! The chart is part of a Dimension Kit, but I used 32 count fabric and my own DMC instead of the supplies provided. I also eliminated the "bubbles" that go all the way around the piece. The backstitching was a real killer! But it is finished at last!

I will get it framed this weekend, so that Adrian can hang it in his room.

Friday, September 11, 2009

What I learned last weekend....

Last weekend I learned that you can't sail if there isn't any wind!

I spent some time last weekend on John's sailboat, the Leander. Unfortunately, there wasn't much wind so we spent more time in the harbor than out on Lake Michigan. But all was not lost, the cockpit of the sailboat was a great place to sit and stitch in the fresh air!

We were kept busy with various chores on the boat and the dock, we socialized with all of the other boat owners on the dock at the annual dock party. I tried a new recipe that Cindy mentioned on her blog for Tomato Pie. It was a hit! We also got to see Julia & Julie, and really enjoyed the movie!

On Monday afternoon we did get out of the harbor and onto the lake. It was a beautiful, sunny day after a morning of heavy fog.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Another Framing Frenzy!

I tend to put off framing and finishing, I would much rather stitch. If framing weren't so expensive, I would have it done, but I have learned to frame things myself to save a few dollars.

Patsy had ask that I show her how it's done in exchange for some finishing work, so a week ago last Sunday she and my sister came over and we framed!

I hadn't done any framing in awhile, so the first piece took me quite some time to complete, but as the afternoon wore on, it because easier and faster. I framed all seven of these pieces and Trudi framed 3 pieces. Patsy took notes and decided that it didn't look so hard after all.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Stash Acquisition

A little over a week ago, a few of us met at Welcome Stitchery for some stash acquisition, followed by lunch at Finn McCool's around the corner.
We had a great time chatting and fondling in the shop, and then and even better time at lunch. Patsy brought her Garden Chair by The Cat's Wiskers and other finishes so that everyone could see them in person.
Patsy has promised to put together my Garden Chair once it is stitched in exchange for a framing lesson. I have the chart, the fabric and most of the floss. Just waiting for one more color of Dinky Dyes and I will begin stitching me chair!