Thursday, November 30, 2006

Winter Band Sampler by Elizabeth's Designs.

It's finally finished! I had a real hard time getting this done. I had to wait forever for one of the Needle Necessities overdyed flosses, and working around was a pain. The floss finally came, and it is done! It has been mailed and is winging its way over to the Netherlands, as an exchange piece. Can't wait to see what I will be getting in this exchange.
It has been a long evening...

First, June the receptionist, took the day off, so I had to work the reception desk most of the day. I should tell you that June is a sweetheart of a little old lady, but to say that she is a bit beyond retirement age is putting it mildly. June is older than God's sandals. She forgets things, and doesn't hear well. She can't remember how to dial the phone sometimes, and can't tell the difference between the phone and the door bell ringing. She tries real hard though, and I hope that when I am her age, I have half of her spunk. But, the days she works, I spend most of the day fixing things she messed up. So understand that June having the day off, and me doing her job in addition to mine is almost easier than when June is at work!

The teen that was supposed to work the afternoon and evening at the reception desk called in sick, and she really was sick. All the other teens had things going on, so I had to work the reception desk for longer than planned. This too, could be considered a blessing, as I was supposed to take minutes at a Parish Council meeting all evening. This meeting was going to be very difficult to get through, as the decision was going to be made, whether to go ahead with the building project or not, and how much money to borrow, and more importantly, how we were going to repay the loans. Since the meeting was going to last late into the night, I was going to join them after I closed the office at 9 pm.

That didn't happen either. At 8 pm I got a call from my sister, Trudi. She was calling from the hospital. She assured me that she was going to be okay, but wanted me to come when I could. So at 9, I rushed over to Northwest Community Hospital emergency room to sit with her while she waited to be seen by the doctor.

Why was she there, you ask? She fell on the train and hit her head and split her forehead open. It was a very nasty cut, requiring over 30 stitches and staples. Although I didn't look too closely, I think they might have shaved a bit of her hair, too. So I held her hand for quite some time, until I lost my patience and started pacing in the hallway. The nurses got the message and the docs soon scurried in to stitch and staple her up. The doc felt it stitched together nicely and the scar should be minimal. The CAT scan revealed that her brain is still intact. Never mind that the entire ordeal took over 4 hours.

She is now at home, with a huge bandage around her head, and a big headache.

I spend far too much time in hospitals......

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Finally finished those darn gingerbread men!

Two of them have already been sent off to other stitchers as part of an ornament exchange. The other four will be gifts, but I can't tell you who will get them!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mail Art Received!

Just realized that I never posted the results of the mail art exchange I was in. The reciepient of my mail art "envelope" was very pleased with it, and it arrived in perfect condition. The mail art piece that I received also arrived without any damage.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Click for Cans......

One of the charities that is close to my heart it the Self Help Closet and Food Pantry of Des Plaines. I promote this worthwhile cause in my community whenever possible.

This is not the only food pantry! There are many in every community. Please consider supporting your local food pantry, not just during the holidays, but all year round. Hunger knows no season.

An easy way to support these projects from your very own computer is available to you every fall, during football season. Click for Cans
By going to this website, and clicking on your city's major league football team, you are adding one can of soup to the greater food depository in your area. These cans will then be distributed to all the various food pantries throughout your community. You can click once a day, from home and from work.

so...get your clicky finger ready and Click for Cans to help feed the hungry.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Cross Stitching Cruise....

Sue Hillis (a world famous cross stitch designer for those of you who do not stitch) and I are in the final stages of planning for our very first Cross Stitching Cruise.

Although this isn't the very first ever stitching cruise, it is the first one the Sue is sponsoring, and we are determined to make it THE best cross stitch cruise ever. Details of the cruise will be released on November 16th at Welcome Stitchery, and then simultaniously on Sue's website that same weekend.

So....whether you are a cross stitcher or not, think about cruising to Nova Scotia and the eastern seaboard for fall colors on the Crown Princess, September 22 to 29, 2007.