Wednesday, July 29, 2020

WIP Wednesday 7-29-2020

Stitching away on Fine Wine.  I am happy with my progress and will stitch with this piece for awhile before moving on to another.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

WIP Wednesday 7-22-2020

Lots of progress on Fine Wine this week. 

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Part 7 Finish

I received Part 7 to the Needle's Nest 25th Anniversary Sampler yesterday, so I had to sit down to day and stitch it!  Only 2 more parts to go!

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

WIP Wednesday 7-15-2020

 First up is Fine Wine.  I have done the left arm twice, and the left hand three times!  Since these are being stitched over 1, frogging is a pain!
I also worked on All American Frame Weight by Margaret Bendig. 

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

WIP Wednesday, 7-8-2020

It's Wednesday again!  So here is what I am working on now.  I have pulled out Fine Wine again and making progress, even though it is slow progress.  Why?  Well, I am stitching the skin (arms and face) and my brilliant plan was to stitch the skin "over one".  (someone shoot me the next time I have a brilliant plan!)

So in place of every charted stitch, I am doing 4 stitches......and it is taking a long time.  But...I am almost done with the skin, so things should move faster after that!

Friday, July 03, 2020

Second Finish this Month

Clover of Clovers by Bent Creek.

This is done over two fabric threads on 18 count linen, with #5 Perle cotton.  A fun and quick stitch!

Thursday, July 02, 2020

SOTH - July finished!

 The July section was released on July 1st, so I sat right down and stitched it!  It went fairly quickly, but I am impatient for the August section so the star can be finished, and I want the stitches for the background, too.....I hate waiting
Here is the entire piece so far!

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

June Progress and July Goals

June was a good stitching month!  21 finishes!  July won't be as good, but will be productive.

June 2020
Antique Map and Needlebook
Heirloom Christmas Sampler
Oveture II

In Progress
Merry Bells #1 
Diamond City Lights
Walking on Water’s Edge 

Maynia Starts 2019
1.       Stocking for Eleanor
2.       Fine Wine 

Maynia Starts 2020
1.       Gingerbread Person #2 baseball player finished
2.       Gingerbread Person flag carrier #4 finished
3.       Gingerbread Person cook #5 finished
4.       Gingerbread Person hockey player #6 finished
5.       Gingerbread Person witch #7 finished
6.       Gingerbread Person drummer boy #8 finished
7.       Gingerbread Person angel #9 finished
8.       Gingerbread person baby boy #10 finished
9.       Gingerbread person baby girl #10 finished
10.   Gingerbread person leprechaun #12 finished
11.   Ugly sweater #1 bunny finished
12.   Ugly Sweater #2 Daisy finished
13.   Ugly Sweater #3 penguin finished
14.   Sister Stitcher finished
15.   Hardanger runner

Future New starts
Part 4 Spring Quilt Block finished
Part 5 Spring Quilt Block finished
Part 6 Spring Quilt Block finished
Stitch of the Month June finished
Needleworker’s Sampler finished
Eileen’s Luncheon project finished
Part 6 Anniversary Sampler finished
See the colors
June Flower of the month
1st lightbulb
2nd lightbulb
3rd lightbulb
4th lightbulb
5th lightbulb
6th lightbulb
2nd blue tree
Large Bargello Ball #2
Small Bargello Ball #2
Winds of Grace (6 of them)
Towmater x 2
Lightning McQueen x2
Cupcake ornaments:
Crystal Violets
Peter’s stocking
Mark & Karen’s wedding sampler
Tony & Melissa’s wedding sampler
Ambrosia Honey
Scissors case
July flower of the month
French alphabet page
Hardanger ornament
Snowman Heart
Marnee Ritter Heart
Marnee Ritter Gold Heart
Gingerbread heart
Pretty Little Chicago
A Stitcher by Cherrywood designs
Twisted Band Sampler
Tree of Ornaments
Redwork heart
Flower patch
Hex Symbol