Saturday, May 01, 2021

April Progress, May Goals

Antique Map and Needlebook
Heirloom Christmas Sampler
Oveture II

 In Progress
Merry Bells #1 
Diamond City Lights
Walking on Water’s Edge 

Maynia Starts 2019
    1         Stocking for Eleanor
    2         Fine Wine worked on it

Maynia Starts 2020
        Hardanger runner  

Future New starts
North Pole Party Pics finished
Christmas Banner finished
The Old and the New worked on it
Leaf Or Nue`
Cozy cabin
Ugly sweater #8
Ugly sweater #9
June Flower of the month
1st lightbulb
2nd lightbulb
3rd lightbulb
4th lightbulb
5th lightbulb
6th lightbulb
2nd blue tree
Large Bargello Ball #2
Small Bargello Ball #2
Winds of Grace (6 of them)
Towmater x 2
Lightning McQueen x2
Cupcake ornaments:
Crystal Violets
Peter’s stocking
Mark & Karen’s wedding sampler
Tony & Melissa’s wedding sampler
Ambrosia Honey
Scissors case
July flower of the month
French alphabet page
Hardanger ornament
Snowman Heart
Marnee Ritter Heart
Marnee Ritter Gold Heart
Gingerbread heart
Pretty Little Chicago
A Stitcher by Cherrywood designs
Twisted Band Sampler
Tree of Ornaments
Redwork heart
Flower patch
Hex Symbol 

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Honeybee said...

Hope you're doing okay. Miss seeing your blog pop to the top of my list.