Tuesday, April 09, 2013

On the Road to Galena

On the road to Galena, you pass right near Rockford, Illinois, which isn't really very significant, except that Rockford was the home of The Needle and I, a lovely needlework shop that was having a "going our of business" sale.  Nancy was still going to sell her own designs (From Nancy's Needle) on her website but was retiring from owning a brick and mortar store. 

That being said, of course any self respecting stitcher needs to check out the sale, both coming and going.......and I did fairly well!  Lots of stuff at 40% off!


Melody said...

Has the shop in Rockford closed now? That is a shop I never made it to, altho, I would have liked to.

Eva said...

The Needle and I closed in September of 2012. Nancy is still designing and selling her designs and supplies on line.