Friday, April 05, 2013

A Stop Along the Way

On the road to Tulsa, I drove past Joplin Missouri.  I needed to get out and stretch my legs a bit, and saw sign for the Precious Moments Chapel.  I was curious, so I followed the signs and found it without much trouble.  Even though the parking lot was large, it was hard to find a spot. 

Turns out I picked the wrong day to stop.  It was a Precious Moments Collectors Club event and the place was packed!

I did take some time to walk around.  The grounds were lovely and peaceful.

The I was curious to see the chapel itself.  It was small, and nice but not really spiritual. 

There were some cross stitched pieces on the walls.  It was sort of worth a short stop to use the rest room and stretch you legs, but since I am not a Precious Moments fan, not the sort of place I would visit again in the near future.

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