Tuesday, April 02, 2013

NOW, where did I put it?

A few weeks I was looking for a kit that I had promised to send someone and came across an unstitched runner that I forgot I had. 

I needed to stitch something for a silent auction and this was perfect!  I put the runner away carefully in a safe place so that I could grab it and stitch once I located the chart.  I found the magazine with the chart in it, pulled all the fibres and then went to get the fabric.......now, where did I put it?

I have looked, and looked and looked some more.  I found a lot of other stitching projects that I forgot I had, but still no runner......and the auction is this Thursday (yes, that's in two days.)  I had already promised the runner for the auction, so no what do I do?  I could give them the one that is already done, and restitch it for myself once I find the fabric....but, what if it is lost forever? 

I called Stoney Creek (from whom I originally purchased many of these runners) to see if they could point me in the right direction to find another.  Much to my surprise, and theirs, they had one (yes one) left in stock!   They are mailing it to me as I type!   Of course, the minute I finish stitching the new runner I will find the one I was looking for.....


katica said...

Sorry that you can't find your original runner, but hurray that Stoney Creek had one!!

Can you tell me which magazine/issue the pattern is in as it is just lovely!!

Barb said...

That is a pretty piece. Great job on it.

Eva said...

the chart is the the 2002 September/October issue of Stoney Creek Magazine