Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Short Jam Session this Past Weekend

This past weekend, I made Nectarine Mango Jam and Raspberry Nectarine with Drambuie and Cointreau.  They both turned out yummy.  I didn't think I would like the Nectarine Mango, but it is really good.  The Raspberry Nectarine is even better with the booze in it!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A New Start on the 17th

One of the facebook groups that I frequent has an event, where you start something new on the 17th of each month.   So.....on the 17th (Monday) I started (and finished) the Liberty House (the one at the bottom)  and on Tuesday, and did the other two houses.

These are the free Gingerbread Houses from Handblessings Designs.  Eileen Gurak releases three new ones every three months, and I am all caught up until the next release which is scheduled for Septeber.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Super Saturday!

Saturday began quite early (for me anyway).  I actually had to set my alarm!  After a quick shower, I sped off to Crystal Lake to take a class.  The class was "Merry Bells" and all the other participants had done the first day in May, which I couldn't attend.  I just got my class kit a short time ago, and although I tried to catch up, I just wasn't able to. 

The rest of the stitchers had already completed most of the stitching and were just finishing up the stitching and attaching beads, but I diligently worked on my Jessica stitches ( and there are many versions of that stitch on this piece!)  It was an enjoyable morning, and I am happy to report that my Jessica stitches were looking great!  (after many attempts)

After the class ended, I stopped in at Welcome Stitchery for just a few things.....   A friend was there and we went and had what was planned as a quick lunch.  Lots of great conversation turned it into a 'not so quick' lunch.

Then I drove over to the UFO stitching group (meets every 3rd Saturday of the month in Crystal Lake) which was already in progress.  More time to stitch on my Merry Bells and conversation with friends.

After a quick stop at Hobby Lobby for some beads and crystals (they were 50% off) a headed home. 

Dinner was an unexpected yummy deep dish pizza Lou Malnati's with John and a bottle of wine......

It was great day!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Spring Banner Fin-eee!

Just finished up the stitching on Nancy Cucci's Spring Banner.  I will be teaching this project at our Needlepoint Guild in the spring, so I wanted to get it stitched ahead of time.  I am way ahead! 

It was an enjoyable stitch, once I learned how to count, that is.....can't even begin to tell you how many times I had to rip out the borders before I get it right.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

And More Jam....

Today's Jam session yielded 14 jars of Tripleberry Jam (Strawberry, Raspberry and Blackberry) and 19 jars of Strawberry Margarita Jam.  I must add that the Strawberry Margarita is my new favorite!

Another Jam Session

This time I made 6 jars of Blackberry, 6 jars of Strawberry Rhubarb, and 8 jars of Strawberry Lemon.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Three Gingerbread Houses

Over the past few days, I stitched these three cute little gingerbread houses.  They are free designs from Handblessings designs.  The second set of three has now been released and I will get those next time I am at Welcome Stitchery.  There will be 12 in all, and I plan to stitch them all!  There is a pack of charms for these cute little houses, but I won't add the charms until all 12 are stitched.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

A Present for Sewing Well

I have wanted to stitch this one for a long time, but the chart is out of print and when it does come up on the bay of evil, it is very, very pricey, so I have just lusted after it for some time.

One of the stitchers that attends our get together in LaPorte each year had the chart and each year, those interested can put their name in a hat, for custody of the chart for one year.  This year I was the lucky winner of the draw! 

It really was very enjoyable to stitch!  I used 27 count pyramid banding, and stitched it over 2 fabric threads with 2 strands of Waterlilies Oasis.  I need about 2 1/2 skeins, and the stitched part is 36 inches long.