Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sunday Brunch

Sunday brunch at Casa Rill with my brother and his family and one of my sons and his family.   First on the brunch menu are Cream Cheese Lemonaide Blackberry filled crepes.  They were yummy!
 Also on the menu was a large German Apple Pancake, not much left.
 For those who wanted something plainer, Palachinka (Hungarian style crepes) just like my Oma used to make.  Only two left from a very big stack.
And for the kids (and big kids) chocolate chip waffles. 

Most of the food has been consumed, the dishwasher is running and I am going to take a nap.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

One Candy Corn Done, One More to Go!

This month, our own Miss Missy, showed us this really cute candy corn piece at our ANG guild meeting.  We were supposed to do one on the piece of canvas and trace the outlines of the sections onto the canvas.  Being the rebel that I am, I fit two (count 'em, two!) on the piece of  canvas and started stitching.  I wasn't liking the coverage on the orange section so I found some sharpies and colored the canvas.  I liked it better.  Now one is stitched and the other will be started soon.  Not sure if I will finish it as two separate pieces or both front and back on the same one.  Not sure if it will be an ornament or stand up either.  I have a bit of time before Halloween.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Patriotic Heart Finish

On Saturday, during class, while everyone was busy stitching on the Fall Heart, I had a little down time.  When I wasn't rushing from one stitcher to the next, answering questions or helping with a stitch, or setting up lunch, or cleaning up after said lunch, I found I could put in a stitch or two.....but I already stitched the fall I started the Patriotic Heart!  Finished it today after a quick trip to Welcome Stitchery for a button and some silver Kreinik #8.  It will be next year's Saturday stitching day project, and I am ahead of the game!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Saturday Stitching

 This Saturday, I had the pleasure of teaching a project to a group of ladies from our EGA chapter.  There were 18 ladies in attendance to work the The Fall Heart by Sekas & Company.   I put a lot of work into this class.  Besides stitching the sample, I ordered all the supplies, edged all the fabric, put all the kits together, planned the menu for breakfast and lunch, picked up all the food, ..well you get the picture. 

The ladies all seemed to enjoy the class and we had a great time stitching together.  Lots of laughter and fun besides the instruction.
Marguerite got the most done, and she plans to have it finished to give as a gift by the end of the weekend. 
This is the finished piece that I stitched as a sample.  Next year we will do the Patriotic Heart!

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Back to Baking

I haven't baked in forever!  So, this weekend, I decided to bake.  Boy was I out of practice.  My trusty Kitchenaide Mixer and I forgot how to get along, and I ended up with batter all over the kitchen and me, in my hair,....well, it wasn't pretty.

But, I did manage to make this strawberry cake with strawberry sauce.  Took it over to John's Saturday to have after dinner.  He loved it!  This recipe (found in facebook - Easy Strawberry Cake with Strawberry Sauce) is a keeper!

Thursday, August 03, 2017

WIP Wednesday, 8-2-2017

I have been steadily working on the Santa Train Stocking by Stoney Creek all week, and will continue for awhile.  It may not look like much progress since last Wednesday, but with all the color changes and details and metalics, I really did get a lot stitched.