Thursday, April 04, 2013

On the Road Again

Last June I took a road trip.  Destination: Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Of course I wanted to check out a
new needlework shop along the way.  I found that there was shop in Bethalto, IL called Mom and Me 4 Ever.  It is not directly near the interstate, but I was determined to check it out.  I made sure that I checked the website for their days and hour of operation, and off I went.

When I got there, it was closed!  There was an additional sign on the door that said closed Wednesday due to surgery.  But it was Thursday!  

I hung around for a bit, but no one came and there was no movement in the shop.  Oh well, it looked like a nice shop.  Perhaps I can stop another time.  I knew I wouldn't be able to stop on the return drive, because that would be a Monday and the shop was closed on Monday.

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Melissa said...

Sorry you stopped and no one was there. Unfortunately Mom & Me Forever just closed down. They are still going to have an online shop, but the rent was getting to be too much at their location.

I was upset because it was my local needlework store. I only lived about 20 minutes from them.