Friday, August 12, 2011

An Elevator for Ducks!

After leaving Branson I took the road that lead to Memphis because I had never been there. One of the things on my list of sights to see was the Peabody Hotel and their famous Duck March.

The ducks march daily at 11 and 5. At 11 they come down from them Duck Palace on the roof of the hotel by way of their own elevator and make their way along the red carpet to the fountain in the lobby where they spend the day swimming around. At 5 pm they reverse the process and take the elevator back up their home on the roof.

Duck watchers begin to line up by 10:30 for the 11 pm March. Everyone wants to see the ducks! The Duckmaster gives the history of the hotel and why they have ducks in the fountain and then goes upstairs to get the ducks.

Sousa's Cotton King March begins to play, the elevator doors open, and the ducks begin their march to the fountain.....well, it was more of a "run" to the fountain!

There is one drake (boy duck) and there are four hens (girl ducks). They live at the hotel for three months and then retire to a farm to be replaced by new ducks.

On the sidewalk in front of the hotel, is the duck walk of fame, with lots of "famous" duck prints.

Of course I had to purchase a rubber duck each for Natalie and Logan!

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nancy huggins said...

How cool is that..Makes you wonder just how smart animals are (and fowl) even Ducks. I wonder how the Ducks know it is time to come down and then how do they get them to go back up..amazing huh?