Sunday, August 28, 2011

Disappointing Needlework Shop

I made one last stop on the way home from Memphis at Needlworks in Champagne, Illinois.

The shop itself was interesting, with lots of different levels rooms. There was a large group of knitters at a table happily knitting away. Much of the shop was filled with yarns and knitting and crocheting supplies.

At one end of the shop there were some fibres and Needlepoint supplies, but the area was very untidy. There were labels all over the floor, and it needed a good straighting up and vaccuming.

Way at the other end was a small room of counted cross stitch items. To get to this room you had to go through a framing room that was a mess. I didn't realize customers were allowed in there, but when I asked where the counted cross stitch was, they directed me through that room. The counted cross stitch room was small, with older charts and models. There were some cubes of fabric, but I didn't see anything labeled as to count, and type of fabric. Although I was approached by two different adults and once child asking me if I needed help, I really felt that I was bothering them if I had needed some help.

For the first time in a long time, I left the shop without making a purchase.


Tricia said...

I need to go back through the shops you visited and make a list. We're traveling down to Pensacola and will be coming back through or near Memphis, I think. Maybe I can make a stop or two!

Rachel S said...

That would be disappointing to experience.

diamondc said...

I am so sad to hear about this store, I think one reason cross stitching is going to the wayside is the owners are just not into making sure their customers are happy, cross stitching is such a beautiful art its like painting with threads,

pj said...

Eva, Thanks for sharing your travels and the shops you reviewed. I appreciate that and saved some notes. Glad you had a fun summer and enjoyed the Branson retreat. pam from iowa