Friday, August 28, 2009

Back on Dry Land; Seattle, Day 1

Friday morning we arrived back in the Port of Seattle, and it was time to get off the boat. I had arranged to meet Nancy, who drove down from Vancouver, so we could explore Seattle together.

Friday's adventure was to visit Pike Place Market. Having read all the the "Fish" books, I really wanted to see them throw fish, but the market was so much more!

There were all sorts of fish sellers! HUGE lobster tails, and crag legs!

The flower sellers were amazing but they were closing up shop for the day and I couldn't get any pictures.

There was a big crowd at this fish stall. This is the one that the books were written about. There wasn't too much throwing of fish going on, but the guys were having fun at their job!

As we were walking around, Nancy spotted this German Deli, and we had to go in. Nancy has some fond memories of when we were in Munich and got some Leberkaese sandwiches for dinner. She has wanted to get some but didn't know what to ask for. I showed her the veal loaf in the case, and now she knows what to ask for. I got some Jaegersauce, which is hard to get, and Nancy bought some Knorr salad dressing. I had to translate the directions for her, but I am sure she will love it!

Nancy needed to have some t-shirts made, and while she was doing that, I sat outside a Starbucks (imagine that, a Starbucks in Seattle!) across from the Pike Place Market and was entertained by these fabulous street musicians! They were amazing!

We walked toward the car and found this little park with some marvelous views of the harbor with the baseball and football/soccer stadiums in the distance.

Right next to the park was a restaurant call Cutters, that advertised a "first seating" dinner. We both had a yummy salad, and salmon, and dessert! This was the view from the restaurant!

After dinner we headed back to the hotel to rest up for the next day's adventures.


riona said...

Between the cruise and the land lubberly day ... it sounds like a grand vacation ... though I know the cruise must have been something of a busman's holiday for you what with all the work it involved.

Gayle said...

I am so happy you got to see the city. I live there for 23 years. I learned to cross stitch about that time. There is a great cross stitch store across Lake Washington called 'Cross Stitch Corner' that is great. Your posting of your trip has been great and it is on my wish list. Enjoy your stay and Thanks for sharing.

Kim said...

I want to go!!!!!
The lobster tails are calling my name...