Thursday, August 27, 2009

Alaska Cruise, Day 7

On Thursday, our last full day of the cruise, we docked in Victoria, British Columbia. Suzie, Norma and I took a taxi downtown. The first thing we did was take a few pictures. Norma was busy snapping away!

The cab dropped us off in front of the Empress Hotel, which is famous for high tea. We really wanted him to take us further to the Needlework shop, but he told us it was just a block away and the traffic was too heavy. He lied, it was a lot further!

This is the view of the Parliament building and the harbor taken from right across the street from the Empress Hotel.
Then we started walking......

....and we finally arrived at Button and Needlework Boutique.

It was a very inviting shop, and we found it easily as one of the husbands was patiently waiting outside.

The shop was small, but we found lots of our cruisers inside, busily shopping!

There were lots of models on the walls.....
...and lots and lots of buttons!

The shop also carried some lovely yarns. Thank goodness I don't knit or I would have spent way too much money!

The shop carried lots of cross stitch, and many local charts. I found the Victoria City Sampler by Jeanette Douglas, a Canadian designer, and knew I had to have it as a souvenir of the trip. Unfortunately, the shop was out of stock and it isn't sold anywhere else, so I ordered it and the fibre pack. The shop will ship it to me once more are printed. If I don't get around to stitching it, I can always frame the chart!

Back aboard the ship, I found a very hungry Sue in our stateroom. She just devoured the fruit tarts I brought her from the buffet! They were yummy!


Kim said...

Good Job Sue!!!!
Victoria is beautiful and so was that shop! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

coral said...

Lovely reading about it all...btw we stayed at the Fairmont Empress Hotel was gorgeous ...I wnt whale watching from that harbour and we were lucky enough to see several species but I was chuffed to see a orca.

Connie B said...

Wow, looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing!

Kit said...

Great pictures! What an amazing cruse, glad you had a good time.