Friday, August 21, 2009

Alaska Cruise, Day 1

Friday found us on our way to board the Celebrity Infinity at the Port of Seattle. Our shuttle van driver transported Sue and myself, as well as 5 other stitchers from our hotel, 13 cartons of stitching stuff, and countless pieces of luggage to the cruise ship terminal. From there, we found a longshoreman with a large cart to take the cartons and most of the luggage on board, while we got in line to check in.

Sue and I both were unable to complete our boarding information on-line, so it took a bit longer. Then we had to go through security. Sue mistakenly left a pair of dress making shears in her carry-on, and security confiscated them, telling her she could have them back once the ship was under way. We stood in line to board, had our picture taken for our sea pass, and avoided the goofy souvenir photo. Once we reached the front of the line, we were offered glasses of champagne or orange juice (guess which one I chose) and a porter took our carry-on pieces and escorted us to our stateroom. Concierge class definitely has it's perks!

Our stateroom was on Deck 9, the Panorama Deck, and had a lovely balcony. We also had some fresh flowers in our room, as well as a bowl of fruit and a bottle of champagne. There was even a rose in our bathroom! After stowing our carry-on pieces, we were off for muster (we had to practice putting on our life vests and were told where our lifeboats were, and how they would be launched if the need arose).

On the way back to our stateroom from the drill, we met some more of our stitchers in the elevator. This was going to be a fun and lively bunch. We had contacted everyone with instructions to meet us at the Mast Bar on the top deck right after the drill. I went up to meet them and pass out the on-board scavenger hunt sheets, while Sue went to guest relations to confirm our classroom space and to get her scissors back. I had the easier task that day. Sue was introduced to Sheila our event coordinator assigned to us by the ship. She informed Sue that our classroom space had been changed, and the news was not good. Sheila had us bouncing around the ship with a different space for each class (total of 5 sessions). She also informed Sue that she would bring the "seezors" to her at the beginning of each class and then collect them again at the end of each class.

Dinner was great fun, all of our stitchers and their spouses and traveling companions were also there. It was also Pat's birthday, and when she received her special birthday desert, our entire group put on their thick glasses and red noses in her honor. We were quite a sight to behold and all of the other tables around us were very jealous. We were later refered to as the "red nosed ladies" by the matre 'd and the waite staff. We were famous!

After dinner, Sue and I made a bee-line for our stateroom and started unpacking those boxes and getting all the tote bags and project bags ready for class the next day.


my gloriana said...

Oh how fun! I'm very jealous of your trip. Looks like a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing!

coral said...

It sound like you had a wonderful time and I llok forward to rading your next instalment.......Love Coral