Monday, August 24, 2009

Alaska Cruise, Day 4

Tuesday was a day at sea, but the afternoon would be spent in Glacier Bay, so we only had class in the morning. It was "Ask the Designer" day, and our cruisers could ask any question of Sue. Many were interested in the designing process and how charts were developed, printed and distributed. In between questions, there were door prizes. Here they are being guarded by Sue's faithful Gnome, who is sleeping on the job.

Our class was in a third location, and although it had windows, the light was not so great. Despite the light level, our stitchers were hard at work, stitching one of the pieces of the cruise design.

The afternoon was spent in Glacier Bay. The ship pulled in slowly and turned slowly, so that everyone got to see the spectacular scenery. Sue and I sat on our balcony sipping hot chocolate and munching on cookies as the naturalist spoke on the loudspeaker and explained what we were seeing.

The beauty and peacefulness was breathtaking. I was amazed at how blue the glacier was, and at the thundering sound as large chunks broke off and fell into the water.

The 2 and 1/2 hours we spent there seemed to go by much too fast.

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Kim said...

I'm bummed because I didn't go. Stunning!