Sunday, August 23, 2009

Alaska Cruise, Day 3

Sunday was gray and rainy for our stop in Ketchikan, Alaska. It really didn't both me, I was on vacation!

We set out with rain hats and umbrellas. Sue and I, as well as some other stitchers didn't plan any excursions, we just wanted to walk around.
Suzie and Norma had planned ahead and had the address of a quilt / stitching shop in Ketchikan, The Silver Thmble, and also called ahead to make sure they would be open on Sunday.

The shop had some regional cross stitch kits and charts, mostly Alaskan designs.
I didn't see anything that struck me, but the quilt fabrics were to die for! I found myself fondling many fat quarters and was forced to purchase quite a few! I even purchased a quilt kit. Suzie assures me that it is very easy to do and has volunteered to teach me! How could I go wrong?
The fat quarters will be used to back ornaments or line mail art, they were just too lovely and unique to leave in the store.
We were back on the ship for dinner. The waiters were all so very helpful! This one even cut up Karen's meat for her because she was having trouble....perhaps she had one too many cocktails before dinner?

Not only were the dinners tasty, but the desserts were wonderful! Thank goodness the dinner portions were not too large, and we had a light lunch, otherwise this wonderful dessert would have gone uneaten.


Ranae said...

What a wonderful time you had.
I missed you gals on Saturday, I really really wanted to be there.

Cathy B said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!

Kim said...

Alaska is just beautiful! AND OMG I LOVE your fat quarters--beautiful fabric patterns.