Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stitching with Friends -- priceless!

Although I have shown you this finish before, it was the theme of my last weekend and expresses my sentiments exactly!

This past weekend was spent stitching with friends. Lesley (from Australia) flew in from the UK on Wednesday afternoon, and we spent the evening catching up and stitching. Thursday morning we did the grocery shopping and then picked Sue Hillis up at the airport in the afternoon. We spent the evening chatting and stitching. Friday I spent part of the morning and part of the afternoon baking cheesecakes, and in the afternoon Kim arrived from Morton, IL, and again we spent some time chatting and stitching. A bit later, the crazy Canadians arrived: Barb, Lynn and Carol. Unfortunately Pam was not able to join us as her husband was taken ill, and she was missed! We ate and chatted and stitched and laughed until the Canadians headed off to their hotel and the rest of us went to bed!

Saturday morning, we had a Stash Enhancement eXperience (S.E.X.) at Welcome Stitchery, were we met up with Denise and Karin (who came all the way from Indiana) and Eileen and Tracy (from Wisconsin). After a morning of shopping we had lunch together at a local 'pub' where we inspected every one's purchases. After lunch some of us had to go back to the shop and purchase some more items that were missed the first time in shop. We said good bye to Eileen, and everyone else met back at my house for more stitching and chatting and laughing and eating. Trudi, Michelle and Susan joined us at my house, and we stitched and laughed until the wee hours.

Sunday morning we had brunch at my house, and then more stitching! Trudi came back, and Patsy joined for the day. Another day of stitching and chatting and laughing and eating! It was so sad to say goodbye to Kim and the Canadians when it was time to go!

Monday morning it was time to take Lesley and Sue to the airport, Lesley was traveling on to Moline to visit her uncle in Rock Falls, and Sue was going home to Richmond VA.

Although the house seemed a bit crowded over the weekend (well, it was snug and cozy!) it is now so empty and quiet. But if I listen very closely, I can still hear the laughter echoing throughout the house! Thank you all, dear friends, for your visit and your friendship! And come again soon! (I will be posting pictures of the festivities throughout the week)


kimmyr said...

I had a wonderful time! Thank you for everything.
Love You!

MrsJ said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! SEX with needles would normally be really uncomfortable! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Eva said...

There is Sex and there is S.E.X. Don't confuse the two.

Threeundertwo said...

Oh my gosh, I've never heard of S.E.X. before - what a great phrase! And I love that sampler!

Irene said...

Eva, I am green with Envy. Hope to make it back to see you sometine. Sounds like a great weekend, I often think of our trips to Welcome & Walmart of course. lol

coral said...

I'll be joning Irene so put billy (electric kettle)on.

Carol said...

"fun" last weekend would be an understatement. I totally had a "BLAST"! Great time, great new friends and old, great SEX, not so great stitching due to the fun we were having with laughing, yakking, eating, etc., etc. hahaha!

Eva, you are a gracious hostess. Thank you for your hospitality and for sharing your cooking/baking with us!