Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Saturday's Mail

Saturday was a busy day with German School and then a wedding to attend with John. When John came to pick me up, there was a package at the front door. We needed to leave, so I just put it in the house and didn't even get a chance to see who it was from. I just assumed it was for Tony, he gets packages all the time.

Sunday evening, I remembered the package and went to investigate. It was for me!

A little while ago, Beth held a contest on a message board, and although I didn't remember even entering, she told me I won! The contest was for a cross stitch chart and I chose the Beringer Winery chart. I have seen this chart stitched and it is stunning, a lovely old building with autumn leaves framing the scene. Beth also put in a bottle of Mesquite Arizona Honey (she lives in AZ at the moment) and a scissors fob, that I can only assume she made herself - she is so talented.

The fob is called "Bayern" and I had the perfect pair of scissors for the fob: Alyssa from the Gingher Designer series. Don't they look great together?

Thank you Beth, you really made my day! And my scissors thank you too, they are now not nekkid anymore!

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Cindy F. said...

What wonderful treats you've received! The scissors ARE perfect with the beautiful fob :)

Cindy F.