Monday, October 27, 2008

South Side Chicago Get together

Yesterday, Sunday. was the every-so-often South Side Chicago get together. Even though I am a northsider, they let me come! It was good to see everyone again.

We met at the Patio in Orland Park for lunch. After lunch there was a bit of stash trading, and some show and tell. Pam showed us her Thea Gouverneur's Hydrangeas and the piece is just magnificent. Someday I will stitch one of Thea's charts, they are so detailed and beautiful.

Barb showed us a recent finish, an autumn piece that was just lovely. We ooohed and aaaahed over both of the finishes, and then headed to the Orland Cupboard for a Stash Enhancement eXperience (S.E.X. so Viki can chuckle again). The owner opened the shop just for us and from the sound of the cash register, I am sure it was quite worthwhile for her! It is a lovely shop with lots of tempting new charts.

Here is the group in the shop (minus me - I was taking the picture). From the left, in the back is Pam, in front of her is Barb, to the right is Denise, then Patsy, peeking out from behind is Karin, and on the far right is Karin's friend Nancy. This was the first time Nancy has met all of us, and I hope we didn't scare her too much! The three Quakers that are hanging above the group were all stitched by our very own Barb. (This women stitches more than anyone I know. She bought a Hinzeit Christmas chart with a Santa frame on Sunday afternoon, and posted a photo of the piece, all stitched AND framed this morning!)

Patsy and I took the scenic route home, but had a great time! Can't wait to do it again.

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Kim said...

Looks like everyone had a great time!