Thursday, October 09, 2008

EMS Rose Samplet Part 10

Ellen Maurer-Stroh has released the last 3 parts of the year-long project this month. I stitched part 10 over the weekend, and now just have two more parts to go.

I plan to stitch part 11 in November and part 12 in December, but I am getting itchy to get it done!

So, here it is......I'm in the home stretch now!


riona said...

Eva, since you have stitched models for Sue Hillis, I thought you might be able to answer this for me: Have I been imagining things or isn't there going to be another Santa this year in the Charmed series ... baking cookies? I thought I'd read something about it on the 123MB but I haven't seen anything on the SH site and the only new photos I have seen have been the two new Pirate designs [also on the 123 MB]. I have stitched the four Santas available thus far and would like to keep up with the series as new charts are added.

Eva said...

Yes, there will be a new Santa this year, a cookie-baking Santa! He is not quite finished yet, but you can see part of him on Sue's Blog.

kimmyr said...

This is a beautiful piece and I can't wait to see it finished.

Teresa said...

I am planning to do this piece. You are doing a beautiful job and I love the color. I just discovered your blog this morning and will be back to visit.