Friday, October 03, 2008

Just waiting for the buttons

I finished the stitching on these four ornaments the othere evening. Now I am just waiting for the buttons so I can ornamentify them before sending them off to 4 different stitchers.
They are by Sue Hillis and are fromt he 2007 Just Cross Stitch Ornament edition, stitched on 32 count antique while chashel linen, with DMC floss.


riona said...

Your spool trees are grand ... it is my very favorite of Sue Hillis' contributions to the JCS Cross Stitch ornament issues over the years. I intend to make a few of them as well for exchanges. This year's SH ornament, though it is so pretty I would be thrilled to receive it in an exchange, just isn't my kind of stitching. I think perhaps I am Christmased out this year ... since January, I stitched all four of SH Charmed Santas and then 5 PS Santas ... it has left me not feeling like stitching much of anything from the current JCS issue.

Eva said...

I have stitched both of Sue Hillis' ormanents for this year as models for Sue. If they weren't over over, the would stitch up faster but then they would be HUGE!

I have done 6 spool trees in all. I still think the Victorian Christmas tree from a few years ago is my all time favorite. I have done about 18 of those over the years.

MrsJ said...

Noting the time of your post, I hope you weren't up all night stitching!

Eva said...

No, I was just up early