Sunday, August 10, 2008

Women's Sabre Team Sweeps Event!

The first medals won by the USA were won by the US Women's Fencing Team in Women's Sabre. Silver medalist, Sada Jacobson, Gold medalist Mariel Zagunis and Bronze medalist Becca Ward are pictured right after the medal ceremony. I have seen all three of these young women fence in person, and if I remember correctly, at least two of them (if not all three) fenced against Kristin at one time or another. Mariel fenced against Kristin at her very first national tournament, where Mariel took first place and Kristin took 8th place. I think Becca fenced against Kristin in Reno at a North American Cup tournament. Kristin did very well at the tournament, but I don't remember the exact outcome. Kristin probably fenced against Sada at one point while Kristin was at Ohio State, either in a NCAA tournament or a NAC tournament. I miss taking those fencing trips with Kristin.
Congratulations to all three medalists. What a great moment for US Fencing and the USA!

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