Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Left Behind

Last week, you met Gnorbert, who stowed away in a suitcase full of cross stitch supplies and ended up in Richmond Virginia. If you will recall from that blog entry, there was another gnome that also volunteered for that trip, but there wasn't enough room for him. So he was left behind. Here is his story:

Poor Gnikolaus! He was left behind in Des Plaines, Illinois, when his friend, Gnorbert, went off to the wilds of Virginia. He stood gnear the door waving good bye tearfully as he saw the suitcase being driven off in gnifty gnew car.

Gnow, Gnikolaus is a friendly little guy, he even carries a sign to welcome people, gnomes and animals alike. Seeing this, the homeowner lovingly placed him gnear the front entrance, so that he could meet and greet all that came by. He certainly saw a lot going in the gneighborhood from his vantage point. Although this isn't the heart of the city, it is a rather quiet subdivision, but there is more going on than in a rural area. Every day, Gnikolaus would see the homeowner and the young man who lived in the house go off to work and other activities, and he would cheerfully greet them with his welcome sign upon their return. He also saw many gneighbors walk their dogs past the home but they gnever once threatened Gnikolaus, who remembers the story of poor Gnorman's demise at the hands of such beasts. The gneighborhood children rode their bikes and skateboards and scooters back and forth, other gneighbors waved as the drove their cars past the front garden which he guards.

After a few weeks, the young man who mows the lawn thought that Gnikolaus might be bored standing guard gnear the front door in the same spot all the time, and he started moving him around to different areas of the front gardens. Every week, Gnikolaus had a new place to stand. He stood gnear the pretty yellow flowers, he stood gnear the red roses, he stood gnear the pink roses, he stood gnext to the bushes....the possibilities are endless! He seems to be enjoying his gnew home, and we hope he will be with us for a long time.


MrsJ said...

I think Gnikolaus is the perfect gname for him. I don't gnow how he could ever be bored, though, with all of the excitement at your house! :-)

Eva said...

I was going to gname him Gneil, but it just didn't fit.

~Julie~ said...

Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa LOVE IT!