Friday, August 15, 2008

Spaetzle Press

We interupt this blog to bring you a public service announcement.:

Spaetzle Press now available at!

What is this contraption, you ask? It is a Spaetzle Press! Yes, you too can make yummy Spaetzle (also known as Oma Noodles). And to think it is available at for 39.99 and ships within 24 hours!

Just think, in that short time, you could be making your very own Spaetzle, much to the amazement of your family and friends.

Do not be fooled by other gadgets. Some people will try to sell you this type of Spaetzle Maker

Although it does the job, it is slower, harder to clean, and not the one Oma or Tante Evi uses!


wnk said...

Thanks for the tip. The question is, it there already one set aside for me somewhere? I don't need two.

Eva said...

I don't know, you will have to ask Oma if she has one for you. She doesn't do, she probably has another souce.

MrsJ said...

This is the coolest news I've heard in a long time. You should print out copies of this post and bring them to Cleveland...and put it on your Facebook, too.