Thursday, August 14, 2008

Meet Gnorbert!

You may remember my blog entries about Gnorman, the gnoble gnome. Just in case you missed it, please go here to read about him:

After Gnorman's demise, the Hillis household was very quiet and gnomeless. The Hillis grandchildren were sad, and the flora and fauna in the gneighborhood were quiet. They all missed their friend Gnorbert. The United Brotherhood of Gnomes had offered a reward for the apprehension and gneutering of the perpetrator, but alas, all leads met a dead end. Travelocity spokesgnome, Roaming Gnome, called a meeting and asked for recommendations. The assembly voted to send another gnome to watch over the Hillis gardens.
Two young gnomes volunteered for the job, and found their way from the Jewel/Osco in Elgin, Illinois, to Des Plaines, Illinois, where they tried to stowaway in a suitcase headed for Richmond, Virginia. Unfortunately, the suitcase was packed full of cross stitch supplies and only one of them would fit. They flipped a gnickle and Gnorbert was the lucky fellow to get the empty gnitch of the suitcase. As luck would have it, he picked just the right suitcase to stow away in. Once the suitcase was opened at it's destination, he found himself right on the Hillis property. He was lovingly placed on the front porch, gnear the front door, so that he could greet visitors and oversee the gardens. He is seated on a mushroom with magic solar panels that light up in the dark, keeping him safe from the wild animals that caused poor Gnorman's demise.
So what happened to the gnome that was left behind? You will have to come back tomorrow to find out!


MrsJ said...

Love the gnome stories. :-)

Do you still have a copy of your "Adventures of Princess Sara Hamster" e-mail from when I was in college? You should post that sometime, too.

Eva said...

I was just thinking about Princess Sara Hamster last evening. I must look for those.....

Daffycat said...

You have hamster stories?

Oops, distracted.