Friday, August 08, 2008

Let the Games Begin!

The opening ceremony will be shown this evening, so I will record it to watch when I get home after tonight's rehearsals. Even with all the controversay regarding the host country, the Olympics are still exciting to watch. I will certainly be watching as many events as I can, and getting highlights of each day's events each evening.
On the Wagon Message Board, ( the moderator has come up with a Stitching Olympics. The events are:
The Sprint - these are for projects that literally are ALMOST done - they lack maybe a few hours stitching, a few beads, etc. A prize will be awarded in this category for the most completions of Sprint projects. This also is where you can enter if you want to stitch a bunch of smalls this month.
Rotation Relay - for all you lovelies with more projects in rotation than stars in the sky. Work for at least two hour on each project. A prize will be awarded in this category for the most projects worked on.
Long Jump - if you are trying to finish a giant project with lots and lots of thick stitching this is your category. A prize will be awarded for the most 10x10 sections of solid stitching completed.
Finish Line - for those who have lots of projects just sitting around waiting to be "finished" finished - made into ornaments, boxes, framed, etc. A prize will be awarded for the most pieces fully finished. Bookmarks and cards WILL count here, as well as "assemble it yourself" framing where you purchase the mat and frame but lace and put it together yourself. Professional framing does not count.
There are prizes being awarded in each category. I will have to see what I can enter!


TreyJ said...

Hmm...I'm having a hard time getting excited about the Olympics. I usually don't care much for the Summer Games in the first place, and all the talk and build-up to this one has made it less interesting for me. I much prefer the winter games.

Eva said...

But the summer games includes soccer and fencing. I watched fencing at 1 am Friday night, and there will be more on at 4 pm Saturday on MSNBC. The girls on the US team are all former team mates and opponants of Kristin's.

And what about sincronized swimming! You won't see that anywhere since Ester Williams' retired!