Saturday, August 09, 2008

Shopping and Lunch with other stitchers

A group of us met this morning at Welcome Stitchery, in Crystal Lake Illinois for some stash enhancement. We we all very well behaved, and managed to relieve the shop owner of a good deal of inventory. This first photo is of Val (on the left) and Eileen, shopping in the front part of the store. Unfortunately, Eileen has quite a reputation for unorthodox shopping.......she usually ends up crawling on the floor so that she doesn't miss any of the Lizzie Kate charts that are displayed near the floor. Well, today was no different. It didn't take her long to end up on the floor. She was determined to fondle every single Lizzie Kate chart in the store.

Unfortunately, her behavior rubbed off on the usually quiet and shy Val, and before we knew it, Val was on the floor going through some sale baskets. After realizing what she was doing, Val was too embarrassed to go to lunch with us, so Pam, Denise, Eileen, Trudi, Tracy and I headed around the corner for lunch and comparing of the stitching treasures we had purchased. Pam got the prize for spending the most money, by my bag was the biggest.
Next stash shopping trip will be to the south side. We will be meeting up at the Patio for lunch and the heading over to the Country Cupboard in Orland Park on October 26. The shop will be opening just for us.


Connie B said...

LOL, I totally understand shopping from the floor!! I have been known to do that myself, especially if there's a mark down box nearby!!! Glad you had a good time!

saras said...

why didn't somebody invite me?! :) what'd ya get for me?! :)

Mistylynn said...

Looks like alot of fun and nice to put faces with names.

~Julie~ said...

rotflmboooo Eva you crack me up. That day trip blog post wouldn't have been nearly amusing had *you* not written it. I'm still laughing at the floor-sitters. I would have been right there with them!!! LOL That's my trick! =)

Glad ya'll had a good time!