Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Crazy January Challenge Day 26

On Day 26 I started Home of a Needleworker by Little House Needleworks.  This chart is from 2003, and I probably purchased it and kitted it up that same year, but it sat in the 'to do mountain' for all this time, just waiting.  I pulled it out in the morning, and discovered I had kitted it with 25 count lugana, to be stitched over 1!  So that's what I am doing!  I don't know why I had planned to stitch this over 1, but I must have had a reason.  


Justine said...

It looks lovely!

Sherry said...

I have always liked this piece. You have a lovely start on it. Maybe someday I will pick it up!

Annie said...

Great start! It's going to be beautiful!
I like the over 1 stitching, it's very delicate and pretty.