Saturday, January 16, 2016

Crazy 15 Challenge - Day 15

On Day 15 I started stitching on the Rico Table Topper.....but I should mention that it was a UFO inherited when another stitcher passed away.   Although I didn't put the first stitch into this piece, I am still counting it as a start because I hadn't worked on it before.  There isn't actually a lot left to stitch.  Two "squares" were more than half done, and I finished both of them.  The third and final square was just started but I had to pull all the stitches out and redo it because the design wasn't centered properly. 

I should mention that I inherited the UFO but not the chart or the fibres.  Luckily, I had the chart in a Rico booklet, but it took awhile to track it down.  Then I had to figure out if the original stitcher had used Anchor threads (as listed on the charts) or had converted everything to DMC.  After lots of comparisons, I decided that Anchor floss was used.  Luckily I had all the colors!  Then I had to figure out if she used the recommended amount of strands (4 for cross stitches and 1 for back stitch) or if she changed that.   After more comparisons, I looked to me that she used 2 strands for cross stitches and 2 strands for back stitches.  So that is what I am doing.  It probably only needs one more day of stitching before its finished.  I will be donating the finished piece to charity, just haven't decided which one yet


Tiffstitch said...

Good for you to finish up something and to donate it as well. I hope it goes easily now that you have all the details figured out.

Blu said...

That sounds like a lot of detective work! It's very good of you to finish and donate it.