Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sunday Shopping at the Country Cupboard

A few weeks ago, a number of local stitchers (and one not so local) met on the south side of the Chicago area for lunch and stash enhancement.

After some lively discussions at lunch, and ooohing and aaahing over some of Barb H's current works in progress, we drove over to the Country Cupboard in Orland Park. Barb, the owner, was kind enough to open up just for our little group.

Country Cupboard was having a trunk show by one of my new favorite designers DebBee's Designs.

There were lots of yummy fibres and charts to look at.
Of course there were lots of models displayed. I had a small shopping list and was able almost completely kit up Fun Stuff that I already had the chart for.
Country Cupboard was also running a food drive for their local food pantry. If you brought in items for the drive, you would received 20% off your total purchase - what a great deal! Being that food pantries are charities that are very close to my heart, I of course brought a bag full of boxes and cans, and encouraged all the rest of the group to do so also.
Due to the 20% off, I ended up with more than I had originally planned to purchase, but now I have some more lovely projects for future stitching!


Tammy said...

awesome stash there is one pattern the diamond one by Deebee I would like to try eventually when you start it please show lots of pictures

Daffycat said...

Really lovely stash, Eva! And you can't beat 20% off AND giving to charity!

Cindy's Stitching said...

lucky you. It is always so much fun to go to a local needleshop. I am sure your stash is full.

Cindy said...

Great stash!

Let me know if you make another trip like this to Country Cupboard...I haven't been there in a while, and that's actually the closest thing to a LNS for me :)