Saturday, December 11, 2010

Another LNS Visit

I need one more fibre for a project I was kitting up - a Laura J. Perin chart called Daffodil Collage and every shop in my area was out of it, except for Canvas Back, a needlepoint shop in Northfield IL.

I had been to the shop once before and wasn't too impressed with their service, but I wanted the project completely kitted so I wouldn't have to worry about finding the last fibre once I was able to start it. When I called the shop to find out if they had it, they confirmed that they did and put it aside for me.

I drove there after work, in rain that almost required that I start building an ark. Once I got there, I parked very close to the door, but still got drenched running into the shop. I figured I could browse in the shop till the rain let up. When the clerk asked me what kind of hand painted canvas I was looking for, I asked where the counted canvas charts were kept. She seemed to look down her nose at me and said "we don't carry counted cross stitch". I spotted the type of charts I was looking for and said "Oh, there they are" and proceeded to look through what was displayed. Once she realized what I was looking for she said "oh! That's what you were looking for! It's much too complicated for me!" I couldn't help but reply " hand painted canvases just aren't challenging enough for me!" I did find two charts that I really "needed" but didn't really want to buy any of the fibres or mono canvas there.

The shop carries lots and lots of fibres, but unless I can't find a specific fibre elsewhere, I highly doubt I will be visiting the shop regularly. This is the second time that I don't like the way I was treated there.


riona said...

I find it amazing that, in this current poor economy, anyone owning a retail shop would allow their staff to be supercilious ... and when you consider that an LNS sells luxury items rather than essentials like food and clothing ... well, the mind positively boggles.

Debbie said...

I've been to that shop once, never again!

Cindy said...

It's good to know that it is not worth making a trip to that one. It amazes me what the attitudes are at some of these places. I visited a shop one time and asked if they carried a particular item. When the answer started with "No...*my* customers", I thought...what am I?

Debbie said...

I have needlepointed for many years and have picked up cross-stitching again. You are right THE CANVAS BACK needs some attitude addjustments! Every time I would shop there the women would ALL be eating lunch together like an 8th grade click. Shame on them! Cross stitcher's are a breed of our own, nicer .