Friday, December 31, 2010

My Favorite Tree

I used to put a Christmas Tree in every room of the house, all with different themes. It took weeks to put up and weeks to take down. Ever since Kristin went off to college, I haven't been putting as many, and have narrowed it down to 3. One is a very tall pre-lit tree in the foyer with lots and lots of ornaments collect over the years from travels and to commemorate milestones.
The second is a small tree in the kitchen with miniature ornaments and some kitchen related ornaments.
The third is my favorite. It is in the family room and is always a real tree, decorated with multi-colored lights and handmade ornaments. Some were stitched by me, many were gifts over the years. I love putting each and every ornament on the tree, and thinking of the person who stitched it for me. When I take it down, I am sad to say goodbye to these friends, but look forward to next Christmas!


riona said...

Lovely idea ... next year I shall have to try and gather all my home-made ornaments on one tree ... I already do a travel tree with souvenir ornaments and my husband's collection of Hallmark car ornaments, a bird tree, a name tree [with metallic ornaments etched with our names ... though I have given my two oldest children all their own name ornaments for their own trees ... my youngest is a bah humbig kind of guy and would only throw his away]. This year I added a Bride's Tree to the mix since I had participated in that SAL ... one angel short, but that will be fixed soon.

nicolina said...

A happy new year !