Thursday, November 20, 2008

Save the Choo Choo!

The Choo Choo Restaurant in Des Plaines IL is right down the street from the very first McDonalds. For generations, it has been delighting young and old alike. Children love to sit at the counter or end booths and watch as the train delivers their meal. There is usually quite a wait for a seat at the counter even in colder weather. You can read about the restaurant and it's history at Save the Choo Choo.

The City of Des Plaines would like to tear it down to build a new police station . If you are so inclined, please sign the petion on the Save the Choo Choo web site, you can find it by clicking the link above.


Debbie said...

I remember taking my kids there, years ago. Memories. So sad they want to tear it down.

Laura said...

Oh no - they can't tear it down! That is a favorite of ours. We not only wait in line, but will pass up open tables until we can sit where the train delivers our meals. Maddy and Katie will be crushed! :(