Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Gift from an Anonymous Friend

I came home from work yesterday, later than usual after a particularly difficult staff meeting at work. There was a great deal of discussion about calendaring for the parish and questioning of how I do things and people who have no idea of what is involved telling me how things should be done even though their vision doesn't make sense, but I digress.

I found a large envelope in the mail from 123 Stitch, a wonderful on-line cross stitch shop. I was very confused as I didn't remember ordering anything recently. I opened the envelope to find the Seascape pattern by Silver Lining with a note that it was a gift from an anonymous friend! I contacted the owner of the shop, and she wouldn't disclose who this anonymous friend was.

The chart is lovely, and similar to Humbolt Coast by the same designer. I was going to stitch Humbolt Coast in the near future, but it is a horizontal design, and sometimes those are a bit harder to hang. Seascape is very similar, but vertically oriented, so it might fit better, but I don't quite know yet. I will have to study both charts and get some opinions.

I will probably end up stitching both, one for me and the other one to give away! Feel free to let me know which is your favorite of the two.

So thank you to "my anonymous friend" whoever you are, you are so very kind to think of me.


Natalija said...

Both of them are great, but I prefer "Seascape" :)

Cindy F. said...

What a wonderful surprise:)

staci said...

What a nice surprise! Enjoy :)

Mistylynn said...

Glad someone did this for you Eva. You deserve it. Humbolt coast is my favourite. They both are nice though.