Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Vacation, Part 2

After getting home from Pennsylvania, I spent two days at home, running errands, at various appointments, some shopping, some stitching and some baking.  No pressure, everything at a nice a leisurely pace.   I even found time to pamper myself with a mani-pedi and a haircut!

Thursday (on July 4th) John picked me for a drive up to the harbor in Racine WI to spend some time at the boat.  After dinner at Charlie's Chartroom, we settled in on the back of the sailboat to watch the fireworks.  It was like having a front row seat!  45 minutes of non-stop beautiful fireworks.  The best display I have seen in a long time.  After the fireworks were over, we went below deck to watch 1776, a yearly 4th of July tradition.

The next morning, we headed off to breakfast at Cliff's Boathouse.  The potato pancakes are to die for!  This place really needs to be on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives.  From the outside it really looks like a dive, it's rather small inside, 10 tables tops, and there is a wait, but the service is great and the food even better! 

After breakfast we went back to the boat to do some chores.  I got to wash all the cushions, while John worked on the teak and then washed down the entire boat.  My part of the chores didn't take so long, so I spent most of the afternoon stitching. 

I did have a "stitching" related chore on the boat, one of the tell tails was ripped off the sail while John and his friends were putting it up.  I got to sew the thing back on, while the sail was on the mast and the boat was swaying in the water....and I had to use a sharp needle.....ouch!

After that, more stitching, cocktails on the boat, a light dinner, more movies below decks and more stitching.  After a late breakfast on Saturday, we headed home to get ready for a party on Saturday evening.  Sunday evening he took me out to dinner and then watched another movie.

It was not easy getting up to go to work on Monday after a great 10 day vacation!

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