Friday, July 05, 2013

A Visit to Pennsylvania

After many, many delays at the airport, I was off to Philadelphia, and then a drive to Lancaster at the
very end of June.  I arrived at the airport at noon for a 1:30 flight, but we didn't take off until 8 pm!  I got lots of stitching done at the airport!  I got into my rental car at 11 pm in Philadelphia, and then started driving to Lancaster.  Thank goodness for my trusty GPS, otherwise I would have never found my hotel in Lancaster! 

The occasion for the trip was the annual workshop of the North American Federation of German Folk Dance Groups.  The workshop was hosted by the Allweil Jung Folk Dancers of the Lancaster Liederkranz.  Although I missed the Friday evening portion, I arrived at the workshop Saturday mid-

Over the course of the weekend, lots of dances were taught by Reinhold Frank from Stuttgart, Germany, who brought his son, Johannes, to play accordion for the teaching sessions.


Saturday evening was a gala dinner and more dancing, beginning with a grand march.

The weekend ended with a Sunday afternoon drive back to Philadelphia, and dinner and an overnight with Laura, Craig and the girls.  The bonus of Amy, Joey and Jane visiting from North Carolina was just wonderful.  Monday, it was back to the airport and lots more delays (and stitching) before arriving back in Chicago.


The Inspired Stitcher said...

Looks like a fun trip in spite of all the delays. Seems to be the norm in airports these days. I'm glad you got some stitching accomplished at least!

Deb said...

Looks like a wonderful and fun event! Beautiful costumes!