Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Snow Day!

Well, actually a snow evening.....

The predicted snow started about 11 am today, and within 30 minutes, it looked like a blizzard.  Because of the prediction, our scheduled speaker for our EGA guild had already cancelled, so I pulled together another program to present instead.  I didn't really pay attention to the weather outside, I don't have a window near me in the office so I didn't see the snow coming down sideways.

At 1:45 the boss decided to close the office and send us home.  Most of us have 4 wheel drive, so we decided to work until 3 because the work still needs to be done.  At 2:30 I spoke to our chapter president, and she decided to cancel the meeting.  It was the right decision.  Marguerite, my partner in crime, send out an e-mail to the membership.  I went home at three and made some phone calls. 

I did miss going to the guild meeting and my presentation originally schedule for later in the year is all complete.

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