Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Challenging Fob Finish

I finished this fob for and exchange last week, and it is now off on it's way to the Yukon Territory. I hope Viv will like it. The chart is a free chart by Drawn thread, and I used 36 count ivory linen, with DMC threads. There are a few specialty stitches in it.
The stitching wasn't hard and the finishing wasn't too bad either, but the part that I am most proud of is the cording. I made it all by myself. In the past I have gone to the store to buy ready cording but I was never really happy with the choices. The color choices in the thinner cording leaves a great deal to be desired. Plus it was too late a night to go shopping and I wanted to get the fob in the mail. I have seen people make cording, but never had the patience to try it myself. Well, I but the bullet, and as you can see, it turned out fairly well.


Holly said...

Your cording looks perfect! I like the look of home made cording much more than the stuff you can buy in craft stores. Plus you have so much flexibility, especially with all of the color choices available in perle cotton.

Beautiful job!

~Julie~ said...

Goodness, Eva!!! That cording is MUCH prettier than what I've seen in the stores. The fob as a whole is just beautiful--but that cording really adds the 'icing on the cake'. Every time I try cording--it ends up looking like a bird's nest. Kudos to you! =)


MrsJ said...

What exactly is a fob?