Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Celebrating Cinco de Julio

The 5th of July has always been a rather bittersweet day for me. I have wonderful memories of celebrating my husband's birthday with family and friends. Peter was convinced that fireworks on the 4th, the eve of his birthday, were being set off just for him. Recent years have brought some rather sad days, so I have decided this day needs a new name and new memories.

When I was asked to go to Ravinia ( http://www.ravinia.org/) to see Garrison Keillor do A Prairie Home Companion radio broadcast, I jumped at the chance. We packed up a cooler with
wine and cheese, some champagne, croissants and chicken salad, candles, plates, napkins, etc. I even went out and bought a Ravina table.

We arrived at the park an hour before the concert, and set up our table and chairs to the left of the pavilion. We had seats in the pavilion for the show, and wandered in their shortly before it began. For a little over two hours we laughed and enjoyed the show. Then we went back out to "our" spot and opened the bottle of bubbly. As we were chatting and enjoying our snacks, we noticed a line beginning to form between our spot and the pavilion. Then we saw the sign that stated it was the performers entrance. A few moments later, the star himself came out to greet the fans and sign autographs. He stayed there for over 2 hours, entertaining all of his with his quick whit and gentle humor. In the background, the Harvard Glee Club performance was broadcast from the Martin Theatre out into the park. 2 concerts for the price of one!

Upon our arrival back at my house, fireworks were going off beyond the trees and we sat on the deck and enjoyed them. Fireworks on the 5th of July? I firmly believe it was Peter telling me it was a good day!

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TreyJ said...

That's a really touching story - thanks for sharing!