Thursday, November 30, 2006

Winter Band Sampler by Elizabeth's Designs.

It's finally finished! I had a real hard time getting this done. I had to wait forever for one of the Needle Necessities overdyed flosses, and working around was a pain. The floss finally came, and it is done! It has been mailed and is winging its way over to the Netherlands, as an exchange piece. Can't wait to see what I will be getting in this exchange.


Anonymous said...

It's beautiful, Eva. I love the colors - make me think of winter (which we don't have here since it's 75 degrees outside right now!)


Terri said...

Woohoo Eva! Beautiful finish :)

MrsJ said...

Ok, this isn't funny. Was it supposed to be a premonition or something? You're not allowed to post pictures of anything else winter related until July.

Just kidding - it's pretty, and I'm sure the recipient will love it. :-)