Sunday, July 16, 2017

Super Saturday!

Saturday began quite early (for me anyway).  I actually had to set my alarm!  After a quick shower, I sped off to Crystal Lake to take a class.  The class was "Merry Bells" and all the other participants had done the first day in May, which I couldn't attend.  I just got my class kit a short time ago, and although I tried to catch up, I just wasn't able to. 

The rest of the stitchers had already completed most of the stitching and were just finishing up the stitching and attaching beads, but I diligently worked on my Jessica stitches ( and there are many versions of that stitch on this piece!)  It was an enjoyable morning, and I am happy to report that my Jessica stitches were looking great!  (after many attempts)

After the class ended, I stopped in at Welcome Stitchery for just a few things.....   A friend was there and we went and had what was planned as a quick lunch.  Lots of great conversation turned it into a 'not so quick' lunch.

Then I drove over to the UFO stitching group (meets every 3rd Saturday of the month in Crystal Lake) which was already in progress.  More time to stitch on my Merry Bells and conversation with friends.

After a quick stop at Hobby Lobby for some beads and crystals (they were 50% off) a headed home. 

Dinner was an unexpected yummy deep dish pizza Lou Malnati's with John and a bottle of wine......

It was great day!


Mary said...

Sounds like a great day of stitching with friends and dining! What could be better? I went to Chicago 2 years ago with a friend and we had pizza at a Lou Malnati's, it was very good but I still prefer NY style pizza!:)

RJ said...

What a wonderful time you must have had. Sounds like such a fun thing to do. Glad you enjoyed it. We are on a two month trip and we are now in Colorado which is so nice compared to the heat and humidity of Florida. Happy stitching. RJ @ stitching friends forever