Thursday, July 06, 2017

A Present for Sewing Well

I have wanted to stitch this one for a long time, but the chart is out of print and when it does come up on the bay of evil, it is very, very pricey, so I have just lusted after it for some time.

One of the stitchers that attends our get together in LaPorte each year had the chart and each year, those interested can put their name in a hat, for custody of the chart for one year.  This year I was the lucky winner of the draw! 

It really was very enjoyable to stitch!  I used 27 count pyramid banding, and stitched it over 2 fabric threads with 2 strands of Waterlilies Oasis.  I need about 2 1/2 skeins, and the stitched part is 36 inches long. 


C Reeder PhxAz said...

Love it! Goes perfect on a wall in my home with all my blue and white if you ever tire of it!!!

Christine said...

What a great way to keep passing on an OOP pattern! Love the color you used ~ Great job!

*-* said...

A very special stitch. It looks beautiful & the colour is perfect.I love the sharing method for the chart.

Martina M said...

This looks great.

Clare said...

What a wonderful way to share a chart. A year give`s you plenty of time to stitch. Your bell pull is beautiful. Happy Stitching.