Monday, July 31, 2017

A Jam Session Dilema

At the beginning of the weekend, I realized that I have used up all the fresh fruit that I had in the house, but I still had empty .....I went out and bought more fruit and got busy making more jam.  I made a bunch of Cherry Vanilla, some plain Strawberry and some Blueberry Lemon.   I still have more fruit, but now I ran out of jars!  I ordered some more (they are on sale on the Ball site, sale ends today, and I got free shipping).  Jars should be here tomorrow.
I also ran out of labels.  I could have picked up some more, but I wanted some prettier labels.  I found the right size and shape and ordered them from Wal-Mart on line, and will be picking the up today.  A friend is helping me design some pretty labels so my jars of jam will be very well dressed soon!

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