Monday, June 22, 2015

Internation Hermit and Stitch Weekend Results

I did find some time to stitch!  Well, Friday evening, I spent all of my time doing the final cutting my Hardanger Table Mat, and Sunday I spent some time taking my Dad (and Mom and sister) to Brunch, grocery shopping, some laundry, cleaning up and a nap.  No time for stitching on Sunday.  Back to Friday,  I must say, that digging out the 'good' Ginger scissors really makes cutting easier, and only one little stitch needed to be fixed (I had accidentally cut it).  Will show you the finished project another day.  Saturday, bright and early at the crack of 8 am, Michelle picked me up and we headed out to Crystal Lake for a day of stitching at the Park District.  I started and finished this piece: Quaker Birds by Little House Needleworks.  Ornamentification will happen at a later date.

We stopped for lunch, all set for the loaded Baked Potato Soup at the Williams Street Public House, but....when we got there it was shuttered and lock, forever!  So we headed across the street to Finn McCool's.  Luckily they had a few regular height tables and chairs, so that no crane was needed to hoist this old lady up onto a stool at a high top table.  We both ended up ordering sliders....they were yummy.

We also stopped in at Welcome Stitchery so that I could collect the 3 pieces I had brought in for framing recently.  Will show you those another day, too!

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