Friday, June 26, 2015

Framing Done!

 Welcome Stitchery has a framing sale every May, and you can have up to 3 pieces framed at the sale price. we are!

First up is Judith Kirby's Halloween Houses.  thank you to my dear friend Lynn for painting the fabric, and to Michelle for giving me the nudge to get this stitched! 

Next is Owen's Birth Sampler.  Owen turned 2 in January and the stitching was done shortly after his birthday, but I wanted to wait for the framing sale.  So here it is.  It was a Dimensions kit (did I mention I hate doing kits?) and although it wasn't that much fun to stitch, I love how it turned out!

Finally, we have the Superhero Alphabet that I stitched for Peter.  He was 2 in January also.  I finished the stitching a few months ago, but waited for the framing sale.  Peter's parents found the chart in and Etsy shop, and asked me to stitch it.  I didn't think I would like stitching it, but it was for a grandchild, so how could I say no?  Surprisingly, it was really fun to stitch!  I tried to do one letter and character per day, so it was finished in less than a month!


carol fun said...

Such wonderful pieces... the framing really enhances each one. Oh the stitching we do for love... that superhero alphabet is a hoot! Great job! happy stitching-

Ranae Ehmen said...

Hi! Eva,
The framing and the beautiful stitching makes the perfect pieces.

Justine said...

Beautiful stitching, your grandsons are sure to appreciate their gifts. Your Halloween stitch is gorgeous, how lovely that your friend painted the fabric, she did a great job.