Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Delicate Daisy Hardanger Table Mat

Hey there blogging buddies! 

If you have been checking out my blog posts recently, this piece might look more than a little familiar to you, besides that you saw it on WIP Wednesdays.

I had stitched the matching table runner in March, and decided to do the companion pieces because it sounded smaller and less complicated......wrong!  It took just as long as the runner!  But it is done and I am happy with it.


Justine said...

So very pretty! You must have lots of patience.

riona said...

As well you should be. Hardangar is still a challenge for me and I am ever so careful when cutting. I have yet to find my comfort zone so I greatly admire anyone who completes a hardangar project.

Marguerite said...

And I was the lucky recipient of this lovely piece!! I was thrilled to be able to put away the Christmas table mat that was still on the table! Eva presented this to me for my birthday, since she said the daisies were for "Marguerite". Thanks again!