Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Texas Stitching.....

Over the years I have done quite a bit of Texas Stitching.  Sadly, the Texan that was the recipient of that stitching chose to no longer be a part of our family.  The Twelve Days of Texas Christmas was to be his birthday gift last July, but they are still here, never gifted to the intended recipient.


Additionally, the Texas Monthly Minis that were given to him as a gift a few years ago, were left behind when he moved out.  They were still packaged the way I had given them, which leads me to believe they were never hung on the tree and were not appreciated.

Another piece of Texas stitching is this piece by Eventide Designs.  It was charted to be a needleroll or a flat picture.  I had done this one and Illinois version also and framed them both in the same frame.  I will figure out what to do with the Illinois one in the frame (perhaps do something else in the empty opening) but the Texas one is something that we don't really have a connection to any longer.
So what does one do with Texas items when one no longer has a connection to the state, and the recipient is no longer interested in having them?  Well, we have chosen a new person to be our favorite Texan, and they will be packaged up and sent to Texas.  Justin has always seemed interested in my needlework and left kind comments and e-mails over the years.  I hope he and his family will treasure my stitching for years to come.

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Jane said...

I collect (and one day will stitch) a variety of 12 Days of Christmas patterns. Could you tell me the designer for these patterns, please? I just adore them! I'm sorry your wonderful stitching was not appreciated by the intended recipient.