Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Palatine Library Exhibit

Our EGA chapter, Needle's Nest, did a needlework display at the Palatine Library during the month of March.  We were all to bring various items to our February meeting so that Tammy, our 2nd vice president, could have the display ready on March 1st.

Then the snow storm hit....and we had to cancel the meeting.  But many of our members, yours truly included, got our items to Tammy.

I snagged these photos from Michelle's facebook page.

My things are on the bottom shelves, and are hard to see in the pictures.  I gave Tammy a lot of table toppers and runners as well as some smalls.  I also gave her a needlepoint pillow and a monk's cloth tote bag.
It is a great exhibit, and I hope to get down there before the month is over so that I can get some close ups of my things.


Eva said...

Marguerite went to take a look in person, and I planned to go this week to take more pictures, and the exhibit is already down! Oh well, it was a nice exhibit while it lasted.

Christina said...

I just discovered your lovely blog. Your stitching is beautiful. Seeing Palatine library brought back some fond memories. I am a Brit but worked in Barrington Hills many years ago! Thanks for the trip down memory lane! :0)